How to Stay Healthy while Traveling


Hey Business Traveler, Here’s How to Stay Healthy on the Road

We live such fast-paced lives that eating nutritious food and getting proper exercise can be seen as a luxury for which few have the time or energy. This time and energy crunch is compounded for a business traveler, faced with dismal airline meals, buffet-style business lunches and a lack of quality fast food establishments at the airport and on the road. Now add to the mix skipped meals, hectic agendas, odd hours and limited time or options to exercise.

But you are not doomed to gain weight or become unhealthy because you travel for work. With a little creativity, you can still take care of yourself while you’re away from home no matter how often you may travel.  But it takes a firm commitment to self-care and some proactive planning.

So here are some tips that I have come up with during my travels to help you stay healthy while away from home.


Get Proper Nutrition While on the Road

It is much easier to follow a healthy balanced diet with home cooking, but when it comes to being on the road, proper nutrition is often very challenging if you have to eat out for all of your meals during travel. Here are 3 tips to help guide your nutrition:

  • Plan ahead to have healthy foods and snacks for traveling.  If you are flying to reach your destination, don’t depend on the airport and airplane food.  Bring your own sandwiches, salads and/or portable healthy snacks as often as possible, or choose wisely in the airport.  Check with your carrier in advance and if available request low-cal, low-fat and low-cholesterol choices.
  • When frequenting restaurants for business lunches and dinners, apply the same healthy habits you’ve adopted at home.  Ask for dressings on the side; have your food baked, broiled or grilled; load up on fresh veggies, asking that they be steamed or very lightly sautéed in olive oil; and stop eating when satisfied rather than stuffed.
  • Limit alcohol.  You may think your colleagues expect you to drink when gathering at the bar after a day of meetings, but no one will give it a second thought if you sip club soda or diet soft drinks instead.  Most people are shocked to discover how caloric many alcoholic beverages can be—some containing more than an entire meal!


Exercising While on the Road

When I observe people at big meetings and conferences, it is incredible just how few travelers exercise or stay active on the road.  With overeating and inactivity, it is no wonder why many travelers end up gaining weight.

Sometimes much of the challenge during travel comes from the fact that you have to do what most other travelers will not be doing. If you choose to eat healthy and exercise on the road, you will be among a minority of travelers. However, since it is your own health that matters, do not worry about what others are doing (or not doing) during trips. So here are some tips to stay physically active on the road.

  • Whenever possible, book a hotel with a fitness facility.  No doubt about it, convenience is key to fitting in fitness.  When you are only an elevator ride away from the gym, the chances that you’ll use it increase.  Check meeting schedules and appointments, and plan your workout time in advance.
  • Pack a resistance band or a yoga mat to turn your room into a mini gym.  There are a number of Beachbody workout programs (DVDs) that require limited equipment or none at all that you can play from your laptop or mini-dvd player.  In just 30 minutes you can have an awesome workout without even leaving your room!
  • Be determined and committed to maintaining your fitness, but be flexible with your routine.  Don’t allow your travels to be an excuse to stop working out, but recognize that even if you need to shorten your workout, some activity is always better than none.

Staying healthy while traveling may be challenging, but it is possible.  A task well worth it, because doing so will benefit both you and your business!

As a professional health and wellness independent coach, I can help you decide on a workout program that will be right for you.  My services are completely free and I provide online support, motivation, and advice to help keep you on track so contact me today to get started.

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