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Hey team, It’s hard to believe it’s March already! I’m very excited that Beachbody is sending Amanda and I on a free western Caribbean cruise later this month.  Beachbody has chartered an entire Royal Caribbean cruise ship and are filling it with their coaches and many like me who have earned the trip for free.  If anyone would be interested in learning more about becoming a Team Beachbody coach and joining my coaching team in order to win free trips as well, then please contact me.Currently I’m in block 3 of P90X3, which means that I’m almost done with this program. You may be in the same boat with your fitness program, but that doesn’t mean that you are done with your fitness journey. Do you know that most people who stop exercising and working out after their 60/90 day challenge will gain all the weight they lost back and more in a matter of months? That’s why it’s important to NOT STOP and NEVER give up! You need to be thinking about what is next for you or what you want to get started with now.  Maybe you have stopped for whatever reason, and now you are ready to get your health and fitness back on the right track again.

I would suggest you consider doing the 21 day fix with me starting on March 31st. I will be starting another awesome Facebook support group with cash and prizes. I’m running my first 21 day fix test group right now, and Joshua who has already completed Insanity and T25 immediately prior to starting this challenge, lost 8 pounds in the first week!!  It shows you that diet is 80% of the battle, and this program teaches you what to eat and more importantly, how much.  I’m amazed at all the results my test group is getting, so I’m very anxious to try the program myself after I complete P90X3 this month.  If you are interested in getting the best deal on this program and want to join my group starting on March 31st then please contact me ASAP.

Coach Greg


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LES MILLS COMBAT is the ultimate mixed martial arts workout program that completely transforms your body in just 60 days. This system takes the most dynamic, calorie-scorching moves from 6 major martial arts disciplines—boxing, muay thai, tae kwon do, karate, capoeira, and jiu jitsu—and combines them into explosive fat-shredding sequences designed for outrageously fast results.

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Engineer your perfect body with LES MILLS PUMP. This barbell-based, rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program can give you the tight, toned, and lean body you’ve always wanted in as little as 3 workouts per week!


The system includes your very own barbell and comes complete with a set of 2 5-lb. and 2 10-lb. weighted plates.

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Increase energy, lose weight, and lower your cholesterol in 21 days. In just three weeks, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Complete Kit will help your body get rid of the toxins you’ve been taking in for decades. This gentle, no-starvation cleanse helps restore your body to its optimal “factory settings” so you can feel, look, and be healthier than before.

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How to Bust Your 6 Biggest Excuses
By Kara Wahlgren

When you’re feeling overworked or overwhelmed, it’s easy to find an excuse to skip a workout…or two…or a whole week’s worth. But don’t let bad excuses get in the way of good intentions. Here’s how to keep them from derailing your fitness routine.

THE EXCUSE: “I’m too busy!”

Instead of letting your endless to-do list take priority over your health goals, treat exercise like any other important task. “It’s about prioritizing and planning ahead. Set a time and schedule it, as if it were a dental appointment,” says Jimi Varner, a trainer on MTV’s I Used to be Fat series. Of course, there will be days when you really are too swamped to squeeze in a full workout—but that doesn’t mean you should skip it altogether. Instead, try to carve out a few minutes to break a sweat. “If you have just 10 minutes, it’s still progress,” Varner says. “It doesn’t have to be an hour and a half, so knock it off.” Go outdoors and do a few sprints, or try a time-crunch-friendly program like FOCUS T25® or P90X3™.

THE EXCUSE: “I’m beat.”

Whether you’re sore from yesterday’s workout or drained from a long week at work, don’t bail out just because you’re low on energy. Start slowly, and gauge how you’re feeling after the first few minutes. “It’s okay to exercise at a lower intensity for a shorter time. Start doing it, and really listen to your body to see if this is nurturing or punishing,” says Michelle Segar, PhD, Associate Director for University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center and a motivation and behavioral sustainability researcher. “This helps get people more in tune with their body and actually can improve their desire to move.” Promise yourself you’ll do the first five minutes of your workout—once you get going, chances are you’ll go ahead and push through.

THE EXCUSE: “I’m broke.”

When you’re on a tight budget, it can be hard to justify the cost of a monthly gym membership. But you don’t need Globo-Gym to get in shape. “Walking is among the best ways to move, and you can do it anywhere,” Segar says. And Varner suggests picking up furniture movers (usually under $10) and using them for lunges or mountain climbers. And, ahem, we can recommend a few DVD training programs that won’t break the bank.

THE EXCUSE: “The gym is intimidating.”

You might feel like everyone’s staring at you, but the truth is, they’re probably way too busy worrying about what they look like. So get out of hermit mode and go build a support system. “Everybody you see in these classes was once in your shoes,” Varner says. “They understand how you feel and the courage it takes to be there. And they will be more than happy to help and be supportive and friendly.”

THE EXCUSE: “I’m bored.”

If you do the same workout every…single…day, it’s easy to fall into a rut. But there’s no rule that you have to stick to a rigid, repetitive fitness regimen. “You can change up any part of your routine,” Segar says. Renew your enthusiasm by starting a new program, joining a new class, ditching the treadmill for a hiking trail, or making a friendly weight-loss wager with a friend.

THE EXCUSE: “I’m dieting instead.”

Just because you’re counting calories, it doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to chill on the couch. “Diet alone works well when weight loss is the goal, but adding exercise to the mix can enhance the results,” Varner says. “Exercise has countless other health benefits than just weight loss—you’ll look better, feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and be more productive at work and home.” And with all those benefits, why would you want to make excuses?


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If you want to prevent getting colds this season, then regular, moderate exercise may be just what the doctor ordered. Findings show that exercise helps your immune system fight simple infections such as colds and flu. Exercise also helps ward off the big stuff like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and some kinds of cancer.

Yet what about exercising when you have a cold? Is it safe?

Exercise and Prevention of Colds

Exercise and physical activities are important parts of a personal action plan to stay healthy and prevent chronic illness. Regular exercise allows you to improve your overall fitness, which can help to boost your immune system – the body’s defense against infections.

Regular exercise appears to have the advantage of being able to jump-start the immune system, and that can help reduce the number of colds you get. With exercise, the number and aggressiveness of certain immune cells, such as the ones called natural killer cells, increase by as much as 50% to 300%. If you exercise regularly, this temporary increase can help make the immune system more efficient at destroying intruders that cause illness such as colds.

Some findings report that moderate intensity exercise — daily 20- to 30-minute walks, going to the gym every other day, or biking with kids a few times a week — may reduce the number of colds you get.

In one study reported in the American Journal of Medicine, women who walked for a half-hour every day for one year had half the number of colds as women who did not exercise. In this study, researchers associated regular walking with increasing levels of infection-fighting white blood cells. In another study, researchers found that the number of T-cells — a specific type of white blood cell — in 65-year-olds who exercised regularly was as high as those of people in their 30s.

Should You Exercise With a Cold?

Because exercise may help to boost immune function, it’s usually safe to exercise with a cold as long as you listen to your body.

Still, if you exercise with a cold, it’s important to listen to your body. Sometimes cold medications such as decongestants can increase your heart rate. In addition, your heart rate is increased with exercise. The combination of exercise and decongestants can cause your heart to pump very hard. You may become short of breath and have difficulty breathing.

If you have asthma and a cold, make sure you talk with your doctor before you exercise. If your asthma symptoms are worse with a cold, you’ll need to use caution. Exercising with a cold and asthma may cause increased respiratory symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. If you have a fever with a cold, exercise may stress your body even more. That’s why it’s important to wait a few days to get back to your regular exercise regimen. Working out too hard with a cold could stress your body, causing you to feel worse. This additional stress may hinder your recovery.

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(Makes 8 Servings)

Total Time: 1 hr. 10 min.

Prep Time: 10 min.

Cooking Time: None

2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology

2 Tbsp. nonfat milk

1 (12-oz.) container firm (or silken) tofu

1/2 cup all-natural peanut butter

1 whole wheat graham cracker pie crust

Place milk, tofu, Shakeology, and peanut butter in blender; cover.  Blend until smooth.  Pour tofu mixture into pie crust; refrigerate for at least 1 hour, or until firm.  Cut into eight servings


“Shakeology was the game changer!”

“After losing more than 50 pounds doing a couple rounds of P90X, I found myself stuck on a weight plateau around 185 lbs. After drinking Shakeology for a week straight, however, I felt amazing, and before long, it propelled me to my current weight of 151 lbs. That’s a total weight loss of 90 lbs.! The combination of P90X and Shakeology turned out to be my recipe for success—there were some days when just the thought of that delicious chocolate shake was enough to get me through my workout. I still drink it every day and I plan to drink it forever, because I know it’s giving my body what it needs. The stuff is worth its weight in gold!”


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Dan Cohen is a former British Master Kickboxing Champion and runner-up for the World Kickboxing Championship.

Rach Newsham is a graduate of the world-renowned WMC Lamai Muaythai Camp in Thailand.

For the past 14 years, they’ve taught and inspired thousands around the world with their passion, intensity, and enthusiasm. They’ll push you to get results you never dreamed possible.


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