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Greg’s Shakeology Recipe of the Month: 
Chocolate Delight! 



Get your chocolate fix with this tasty recipe!

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 scoop  Chocolate Shakeology

1 tsp vanilla extract


Blend & Enjoy!

Three Great Reasons to Drink Protein Shakes 
  • For starters, they are handy.  We live in such a fast-paced environment these days that it is very common to skip meals on a regular basis.  Now there is a great way to get some top quality nutrition into your body without having to spend an hour in the kitchen.  Throw some almond milk into a blender with your Shakeology protein powder, add a frozen banana and some ice, and voila!  A super healthy meal on the go that actually tastes great!
  • Protein shakes area great way to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrition it needs.  Shakeology is packed FULL of superfoods. In fact they say drinking one serving of  Shakeologyis like going to the salad bar FIVE TIMES!  So you don’t have to worry if your diet throughout the day is less than stellar, Shakeology protein shakes make sure that your body is getting all the good stuff it needs.
  • Drinking protein shakes also helps to ensure that you’re taking in enough protein. We often go overboard on the carbs (hey they taste great right!) and lack in the protein department.  By drinking protein shakes on a regular basis we can make sure that we are getting an appropriate amount of protein so we feel satisfied longer, keep our blood sugars leveled out and recover from our workouts better.

No Time To Workout? Think Again!
One of the biggest problems that many of us face these days is the lack of time.  We’re on committees and in groups, our kids are in a number of activities, which makes it hard to fit exercise into our schedules.  Do not despair however!  Now you can reap the benefits of both weight training and cardio in only 30 minutes a day!  Tony Horton has taken all he has learned from the previous P90X programs and designed a super effective program that will deliver fantastic results… just 30 minutes per day!
Don’t miss out on this amazing program which is set to be released in December!


P90X3 Sneak Peek - NEW Tony Horton 30 Minute Workout
P90X3 Sneak Peek – NEW Tony Horton 30 Minute Workout

How to Stay Fueled Up All Day Long!
If you want to keep your body fired up all day for action you need to fuel it properly.  Experts now recommend that people eat a small meal every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and those meals should all contain a lean protein and complex carbohydrate. This ensures that your blood sugars stay leveled out, your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and you have enough energy to get through the day.


Not sure what to eat? Check out this list of great options! *


~ Hummus and veggies
~ Apple or banana with natural nut butter or raw unsalted nuts
~ Grilled chicken breast with fresh veggies in a whole grain wrap
~ Beef stew containing vegetables and potatoes
~ Fat free or low fat cottage cheese with flax seed, raw unsalted almonds and chopped fresh fruit
~ Chunk tuna (packed in water) mixed with salsa and served over salad greens
~ Protein Shake made with natural protein powder, fresh or frozen fruit, skim milk and non fat plain yogurt
~ Beef curry with rice
~ Salad with chickpeas
~ Boiled egg whites in a wrap with hummus and baby spinach
*Taken from The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno



Hey team, 

Happy November!  We are just coming off of Halloween, and I’m sure your diet is suffering from all the parties and candy. This week started my first Shakeology 10 day challenge, and I have a great group of 10 people all excited to drink Shakeology and focus on clean eating for 10 days.  I already have people in the group that lost 5 pounds! The biggest loser will receive $25 as the top prize, and there will be a secondary prize for a points contest we are having.  In case you missed this one, and you would like to take part in my next one, please contact me to get added to the list.

Also I want to tell you about the November Beachbody promotion. This November we have something for you to be thankful for – a brand new promotion that helps you and helps others. It’s a two part, feel-good holiday promotion so read carefully.

First, “Give”: Beachbody will be donating to Feeding America. They will give a $10 donation for every Shakeology HD order and a $20 donation for every Challenge Pack sold! There is no limit to the amount Beachbody will donate and we’ve promised a minimum of $250,000 with a goal of $1,000,000!!

Second, “Receive”: New & Existing Customers and New Coaches will receive a $20 coupon from Beachbody to apply to a future purchase when they buy ANY Challenge Pack in the month of November. Additionally, I’ll personally give you an additional $30 Team Beachbody gift card, which gives you a total of $50 off your next purchase!

You can choose any workout program you want, plus you get Shakeology, club membership, and free coach sign up (if interested, a $40 value).  So basically you will save 25% on the bundle, plus Beachbody gives you free shipping which can save you about $15.  Additionally you will get $50 towards a future purchase, like your next month’s order of Shakeology.

Finally, I often hear about people either not starting a workout or quitting a workout due to lack of “Motivation”. I think the problem is not the lack of “motivation” but the lack of “determination”. Trust me we ALL lack motivation to workout every day. You may be saying um.. isn’t that the same thing? No–they are completely different!

Here is the definition from the dictionary:

Motivation– A motivating force, stimulus, or influence; incentive; drive.

– The act of deciding definitely and firmly; firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end.

Motivation is only temporary. Motivation is that “force” that makes you want to achieve something and gives you drive to do it but only until you lose that drive. Determination, on the other hand, is “the act of deciding definitely and firmly”. It’s a DECISION that has no if’s, and’s, or but’s. You make the decision to just do it, and you DO IT. You need to dig down and find your real ‘why’ for wanting to get in shape and lose weight, and then you can find your determination and commitment.

If you are ready to started and have some ‘determination’ then please contact me.  I will be starting my new motivation and support thread on the Team Beachbody message boards on Monday, Nov 18th.  If you would like to get in shape before Christmas, then come and join us.


How to Date When You’re on a Diet
By Zack Zeigler

From the clothes you wear to the activities you suggest to how well you tip-every move you make on the first few dates is under a microscope. And when it comes to dining, what you order or prepare is equally as important as chewing it with your mouth closed.


You don’t want to get a house salad and water as an entrée and come off looking like a weight-obsessed wet blanket. But you also don’t want to get a beer-battered pork hoof that’ll taste great but destroy your diet and make you look like a slob. To help keep you on point while eating on a date, use these simple tips . . .

  1. Find out how the dish is prepared. 
    If the meal is buttered, braised, creamed, or pan-fried, it’s most likely packed with too much sodium, saturated fat, or oxidized fat. High-sodium diets can lead to not-so-wonderful things like heart disease and hypertension (the egghead term for high blood pressure). You’re better off with things that are baked, broiled, grilled, roasted, steamed, or poached.
  2. Rethink your use of condiments. 
    Remember all that uplifting talk about heart disease and high blood pressure stemming from high-sodium diets? Well, here’s more good news: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 90% of Americans consume too much sodium. Help keep that in check by cutting back on condiments like salt, ketchup, pickles, relish, and sauerkraut, and sauces like soy, steak, teriyaki, and honey mustard. Herbs, spices, or lemon juice are healthier alternatives.
  3. Plan ahead. 
    Most restaurants post their menus online. So take a five-minute break from LOLing at cat videos and scope out what healthy dishes are offered before committing to a place.
  4. Choose a restaurant chain.  
    The Food and Drug Administration requires chain restaurants to list the calorie counts on their menus. In theory, seeing that the provolone-stuffed lard ball you were eyeing carries 45,000,000 calories will hopefully prevent you from ordering it. Thing is, if you pick a chain, choose wisely. Olive Garden® and Long John Silver’s®, for example, probably won’t make the type of first impression you’re after, matey.
  5. If you can’t, reserve a table somewhere local.
    Independent or family-run restaurants often prefer to buy fresh, local products to help their food stand out from the competition. Menus that feature locally grown produce also give chefs the opportunity to create a wider variety of unique and healthy recipes centered around in-season ingredients. Another upside? You look like a champ for supporting your community. There is one caveat to dining locally, however-there are no corporate overlords to ensure servers will be wearing a minimum of 15 pieces of flair.
  6. Order appetizers as entrées. 
    The more food you order, the more food you’re likely to eat. Appetizers offer smaller portions and can be healthy when they’re veggie-, seafood-, or chicken-based. For your starter, get a salad with fat-free dressing (or olive oil and lemon) on the side (without croutons, bacon, or cheese), and let the waiter know you’d like the appetizers to arrive as the main course. Or you can suggest sharing a bunch of small plates. That keeps portion sizes manageable and is a quick way to establish intimacy. Win-win.
  7. Swap out your sides. 
    Onion rings, French fries, mashed potatoes, and pasta are all delicious . . . but they’re hardly nutritious. Avoid consuming the excess calories, fat, and salt by swapping them for steamed veggies. If the restaurant offers no substitutions-jerks!-ask your server to leave the unhealthy stuff off of your plate and order the vegetables separately.
  8. Skip the beer. 
    A typical beer has about 150 calories. And when you gas them like it’s “Rush Week,” your body will end up burning the alcohol instead of fat. Gin or vodka, straight up or on the rocks, or red wine would be better options-if you can drink in moderation. Too much booze can hinder muscle growth, lower testosterone, and cause you to come clean about the time you cried at the end of Alex Cross. Info like that should be revealed no earlier than date number 17.
  9. Cook at home.
    Offering to cook not only puts you in control of what goes on the plate and how it’s prepared, but it tells your date that you’re willing to put forth an e ffort to please them. Plus, it’s the perfect way to get the person into your apartment, which makes hooking up that much easier . . . so long as you remember to clean your bathroom and remove the fungus cream from your medicine cabinet.

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