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Meet a friend of mine and fellow engage coach, James. He started p90x in January 2010 along with me, and look at his results now!

James use to be trainer for Lifetime Fitness, as well as an independent trainer for years. He has extensive experience training clients of all ages and fitness levels. Below are his qualifications:

1. ACE (American Council of Exercise) Certification.

2. Certification from the Cooper Institute of Health and Wellness. This is a NCCA accredited certification and college level course in health and wellness. The Cooper Clinic’s philosophy is in overall health and wellness. It is geared more towards living a fit lifestyle through sound nutrition, cardiovascular and functional fitness.

3. The NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certification. NASM goes much deeper into kinesiology and program design that is sport specific and rehabilitation.

At some point he allowed himself to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle as we all have, and with with the help of TeamBeachBody’s p90x and Insanity you can see his amazing transformation in a few short months.

I asked James to give a training session to all the Engage coaches on how to build lean muscle mass, what your nutrition should look like in order to bulk up, and what supplements that you need to be taking. Please listen to this hour long discussion which will answer most of your questions.

Click the audio button to listen.

If you have more questions, contact me and I’ll be sure to get you the answers.

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