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Throughout this latest round of P90X I saved off some of the tips folks gave on the message board thread about the different workout routines. I know there were probable hundreds of tips given, so please don’t feel bad if I didn’t get yours. Here are just a few of the tips given from our team members:


I think it was 8 or 9 weeks before I made it through all 349 of ABX without the pause button. Anyone can complete all 349 if they use the pause button enough. I know it is tough to add too much time to the workout but I highly suggest using the pause button to get through most if not all of the 349. The routine is 349, it isn’t 16 mintues. Do the full routine and work on getting it down to 16 minutes. — RPHDrew

What isn’t a sit up??? A sit up isn’t locking your back, chest and abs and trying to hinge at the waist with a yank with your lower back never touching the floor.

What is a sit up??? Rolling up the spine (including the lower back) engaging the abs to roll you up. SOOOO much easier and easier on your back.

Couple things you can do:
1.- Tony shows several ways to do the exercises from beginner to advanced, always concentrate on the beginners form. Once you master the beginners and can do 25 comfortably, move to more advanced form.
2.- Don’t try to do all 25 moves. Pick a number you are comfortable with and move up as you get stronger.
3.- Go slow and keep the form. You may be tempted to go faster to get it over with or do more. Problem is you probably lose your form and that is why it may be easier. Bad form=injuries.
4.- Pause, take a break or touch the floor with your heels. For mason twists you can try your best for 10 or 20 then lightly touch the floor with the heels and try to complete the set.
5. Some exercises you may try to put your hands under your lower back instead of your sides for back support (fifer scissors or pulse ups).
5.- The best abs are build from strong backs. Do supermans (try while watching TV during commercials)
6.- If it hurts (sharp pain in your back) don’t do it.


Tip of the day… Kempo is all about the intensity you bring to it. There was a lot of discussion in our last thread about how once you started to get the hang of the routine that the HR fell off (especially in the blocks section). To maintain the intensity, you really need to mentally focus on the movement. You are not just swinging those arms throwing blocks, you need to start and end the move with a purpose and to and from a specific point. In a word… ENGAGE!!! — RPHDrew

For those of you who feel that you’re not getting as much out of Kenpo…this is my favorite workout by far. Here are some tips to amp it up:
1. really thust your hips and make the punches hard – like you are mad at something and putting everything you have into it (just DO NOT fully straighten your arms – that will really hurt).
2. push push push to get maximum distance where you can in the lunges while keeping pace with the crew. When doing knee kicks, it’s not just about reaching your hands up and bringing them down, it’s about pulling your hands down, creating tension, kinda like with dreya forearm stretch.
3. x-jack’s – go for MAX height. I have an 8 foot ceiling in my workspace. My goal was to hit the top of my head on the ceiling (I’m 6′ tall). I managed to do this about 7 times total.
4. When it comes to the block sequence: Get LOW in the horse stance for all of them. Your quads will burn and your HR will go up.
5. if you can, feel free to go faster than Tony and company. Start sooner, do more reps. You don’t need the instruction by your 5th time through or so.
— ABW153


Actually I don’t own shorts. I usually work out in the nude except for plyometrics which is far too jiggly — maccer


you can do the 1 handed pushups on your knees or if that is too much you just stand and lean against a wall until you build enough strength. — Greg


Tony mentions at the end of the video that you can stretch a little more if you think you need it. I would highly suggest throwing in a quick glute stretch after plyo. For those that are not familiar that is where you are on your back with one leg bent at the knee and foot on the floor and the other ankle on the first knee. Then reach to the shin of the leg with the foot on the floor and pull. For me it is a must after Plyo. — Drew

I love the glute stretch especially after Legs & back and Plyo too. It helps to get rid of some of the soreness. Also after the all the calf raises I like to stretch the calves out by leaning against the wall and alternating pushing the heel to the floor. This seems to stretch them out more for me than down dog. — Carol


I would say that Yoga gets easier, and some people learn to enjoy it. I guess it’s an acquired taste, that I still have yet to acquire. 🙂 There are a couple of Tony Horton One on One dvds that have shorter versions of Yoga ie. Fountain of Youth. Also an option would be to fast forward though parts to keep your frustration levels in check. You could substitute cardio X which has about 15 min of yoga as the warm up. — Greg

For help doing the crane, try putting the yoga block under your head. It makes it much easier! — Greg


If you are having problems with the Dreya roll, try crossing your legs on the way up. — Greg

If you are unable to do chaturanga run, then do this. Put your forearms on the mat. Your arms should be directly below your shoulders. It will still work the abs and obliques, but you don’t need the arm strength to do it. — Greg


If you unable to do regular pullups, try doing negative pullups instead. To do a negative pullup, grasp the pullup bar and jump up to the top position of a normal pullup. Slowly lower yourself back to the ground. Take as long as you can. If you really want to work the muscles, pause halfway down and hold yourself there with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Once at the bottom, repeat the exercise. — Greg


biggest tip I can give is, If your mind says stop push through it, If your body says stop, STOP — Russ

Having Knee issues? Ice that knee when you can, especially right after workout. I also wear a neopreme wrap on my knee for added support. Mine was feeling really weak about the second week. I have done modifications, ice, wrap and it is now back to normal. Keep going just take care of the knee. Don’t do the jumps and keep those kicks minimal. I also reduced the amount of squat on many of the moves. — John (MtnH2o)

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