Top 9 “Shallow” Reasons To Never Quit!

Let’s face it. Most of us have the best intentions when we start a new workout program. “This is the time that I will actually stick to a program and not quit!” or “Last time I was forced to quit because I was too busy to workout… but this time I am serious!”
Something went wrong and we ended up sitting on our lazy butts for six months straight as our muscles went into hiding and our waists expanded.
Everybody has an excuse about why they haven’t yet achieved all their fitness goals. Don’t feel too bad though – how many really buff and ripped people do you see on an average day while walking around the city? Maybe one or two if any!
At least 95% of people are not too good to look at naked. Sticking to a workout or nutrition plan is hard! Should that be depressing to you? No! It means that once you succeed you will be one of the very few hard bodies around for everybody to be jealous of.
How do you become one of these motivated and dedicated people? It is 90% psychological. Most of the time when you skip a workout or quit your program it is because you were downright lazy.
You need to figure out what works for you when it comes to staying motivated for longer than a month or two.
Emotions motivate us to want to do things. We feel the need to do certain things or accomplish certain goals. The following list of reasons to stay motivated are emotional triggers that can help you remember why you wanted to do this in the first place.
Most people forget these things 30 minutes before they are supposed to be at the gym. All they can think about is the fact that they are tired and had a long, stressful day.

Top 9 “Shallow” Reasons To Never Quit!
Yeah, yeah… I know. Pushing play through beachbody programs is about the healthy lifestyle. It’s great that because of beachbody you will live longer, feel healthier, have more energy, prevent diseases, decrease stress, get sick less often and all that other stuff.
But let’s be truthful for a second. Did you start pushing play so that you could prevent some future disease that you might get someday in the distant future?
I seriously doubt it. Here are the real reasons why we started or are starting to work out on a consistent basis.

9. Poolwalker– You want to be that guy who walks around the pool, who is ripped, but never swims.

8. Swimsuit Season.

Just think of the first time you take your shirt off or put on a bikini this summer. Won’t it feel great to know that everybody is looking at you?
You will pull your shoulders back and stand tall knowing that you are looking good. Seriously imagine this happening. Don’t just read this paragraph and go on. Take a minute to make a detailed mental picture and make it last for a few minutes.
Imagine your friends, family, and complete strangers looking at you. Think of your favorite beach or swimming area. Just as motivating can be the thought of not working out and then getting into a swimsuit looking as you do now. Scary, huh?

7. Some Jerks Expect You To Quit.

Many of us know those people. You tell them that you are starting a workout program and they just roll their eyes.
Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it!” They expect you to fail and never expect to see any changes. They don’t think you can do it. You will prove them wrong and you will love to see the look on their jealous faces when you succeed.

6. Being Strong!

One of the top reasons that people workout is to become strong. Superman is my biggest hero. It just feels great when somebody asks you to open the bottle of ketchup instead of the 10 people sitting next to you. Being able to do weighted pullups or dips gives you a feeling of power over your surroundings.

5. Feeling Good About Yourself.

We all know that you don’t look much different after one week of working out. Isn’t it weird though that you suddenly find yourself flexing in the mirror a lot more often?
You walk around just feeling better-looking even if you haven’t changed at all yet. This self confidence can extend itself to other parts of your life and make you an overall more successful person.

4. Feel Good When You Run Into Old Friends.

How many people can you name that gained a lot of fat almost immediately after high school? A lot. How many people can you name who are now in better shape? Not many… if any.
We all love to gossip about how we ran into Bob Smith and couldn’t believe how fat he had become. His face was all pudgy and his body looked bloated. Don’t let that be you! Be the one who people can’t believe how great you look. Let them wonder how you did it.

3. Succeed In Life.

If you have a job where you see new people often, this could be important. Better looking people have a better chance of getting the best jobs, getting promotions, making the sale and being respected. This may not be morally right but it is true. We naturally trust good looking people. Many people also assume that fat and out of shape people are lazy, dumb, rude and untrustworthy. This has been proven by many studies. Think of how a good personal appearance can benefit you in your current job.

2. Have The Dream Life!

Most people’s idea of the perfect life would be to be rich, smart, good looking, buff, tan and happy. Obviously, working out can help you become better looking and muscular. Working out will also help you have more energy and feel better about yourself.
This will naturally help you to be more successful in your career. Many people will assume you are smarter than others based on your healthy appearance. This can all bring you closer to living the life most people only dream about!

1. The Opposite Sex.

This is the number one reason most people start working out. They want to attract the best looking girls or guys. The first time a hot woman asks to feel your bulging bicep, you will know that every ounce of sweat and pain was worth it.
If you are married or engaged then you may think this is not important to you. Wrong! Don’t you want to make your spouse feel proud/lucky that they have you? I bet they will be a little nicer to you knowing that you could get any girl/guy that you want. Maybe this will motivate them to start working out too.
And there you have it – The Top 9 “Shallow” Reasons To Never Quit! Now just stop laughing and go push play!

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